Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Serious Organization Skillz!

Remember this header for my blog? Maybe I need to put it back up again. Actually, this photo reminds me of a time when I didn't have quite as many supplies as I have these days. It's amazing how your hobbies and supplies can expand and quickly grow... Sometimes out of control!

Over at the Stars and Stamps blog today, the Tuesday Tutorial is all about organizing. I am hoping that lots of the OWH ladies will be sharing their own organization ideas and photos. Here are a few of my own favorite techniques and photos.

One thing that I always have on my workspace is this small storage drawer. It's little but perfect for storing all of the little things that I use very often like chalks, clear acrylic blocks for stamping, dimensional squares, and other tiny embellishments... So I don't have to search for them. Next to it is a rotating caddy that holds frequently used tools like my bone folder, a stylus, pencils and pens, a craft knife, and several different kinds of adhesive. Oh, and my OWH stamp. :)

(left) This is one of my favorite storage pieces... my Cricut is perched on an antique shelf unit that I got years ago from a family member. There is also room in it for my cartridges, my Cuttlebug supplies, a bin with stamps and a few other containers with frequently used tools and supplies. (right) In the corner is an inexpensive cabinet that I bought at Walmart... I actually have two of these cabinets and I love them, here is why...

The cabinets are deep enough to hold the large 12x12 drawer organizers and wide enough to leave space for shoe-box bins to the side. In the drawers I store stickers, rub-ons, chipboard and other embellishments. The shoe-box bins hold flowers, scissors, punches, floss and stitching supplies and etc. I also purchase lots of the plastic 12x12 storage bins from Michael's. I sort them by Holidays... One bin for Halloween, one for Valentine's Day, etc. When the holiday I need rolls around, I just pull the bin and everything that I need is inside... Mat stacks, stamps, embellishments, etc. I purchase a lot of my papers and embellishments on clearance in the off-season and tuck them into the appropriate bin... By the time the holiday comes, I often open the bin and find goodies that I forgot about. What a fun suprise! My second storage cabinet is organized the same way.

Here is a fun way to store more clear stamps. I bought a pack of trading-card protector sheets and those little individual stamps fit perfectly in the pockets in a large 3-ring binder. I have them divided by seasons... Spring, summer, winter, fall. I have a hard time passing up these little stamps!!! But I do use them a lot.

One thing that I also like to do is cover containers with my favorite papers. These make pretty and functional storage places... That round tin has Mod-podge and sponge brushes inside! It is my dream to have a craft room some day with a fairy tale theme. I would love to paint a landscape scenery on one wall and have lots of greenery and decorations. These containers are a small first step towards my dream room. I figure I will keep making them from time to time, until my room happens.

Thought I would share my glitter storage box... Because it is unique... And because I just gotta be me. :)

Don't forget to stop on by the Stars & Stamps blog to link up with your own storage ideas. I can't wait to see what ideas you guys have to share! Thanks for stopping by!


Marlene Diefendorf said...

Thanks for sharing your tips Nancy. I'm a big fan of the storage drawers and shoe boxes myself. I can still see stuff even though is being stored. I adore your repurposed containers with the beautiful papers and embellies. I like this idea 'cause I can change my decor easily and not spend a fortune!

Jen said...

Love your space! These are all great ideas... The idea of sorting by holiday is brilliant! I never would have thought of that! Lol :) your modge podge tin is lovely!

Paula S. said...

Great post Nancy! I don't have a dedicated craft space so I need to pack everything away between sessions but I use a similar system with the clear plastic bins inside closed storage cubes. Lots of great ideas here and in Jen's tutorial too!

Cindy's Card Co said...

Very nice and neat.

Dawn W said...

love the trading card binder idea!!!!

cindyann said...

Thanks for the great hints. I am drooling over that cabinet. I have a similar (smaller) 3-drawer unit on my work table holding small items I frequently use. What a time-saver!