Monday, July 20, 2009

July - ETM Cards and Such

A good friend of mine was just deployed overseas again, and being also the 4th of July and such this month, I have been reminded frequently of just how many lives our people of service touch - I do have lots of friends with family or loved ones overseas, and this has been going on for years. What have I done to support the troops? Not much, besides the occasional patriotic graphic or banner . . . or joining "causes" on Facebook.

This month's Express the Moment kit came just full of patriotism and ideas for cards that are perfect for our troops. I also found this awesome site. . . Cards for Heroes . . . what a ton of great ideas they have! You can send cards of encouragement and thanks to any random hero or. . . you can send blank home - made cards for the troops to send back home to their loved ones. I am definitely going to support this.

My good friend and his family will be getting a lot of the cards that I made with this months' kit, and I also hope that a few of them get to some random troops that I have never met. . . probably never will meet. . . but perhaps a few encouraging words from a stranger will brighten their day.

According to the Cards for Heroes website, any cards sent should not have glitter on them. I guess that it can get on their uniforms, which is bad for asthetics, but also glitter can be seen with night vision goggles - which can be a huge hazard to our troops! Who knew??? I abstained from using glitter on all of these cards. . . which was a huge deal for me. But all for a good cause, right?