Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Chickadee - Parts and pieces!

Here are all of the parts and sizes for my little chickadee card. . .
I made him for the "Cards With Critters" bloghop on 02/02/2013

It might surprise you to find out that I used just one Cricut Cartridge for this project. It's called Art Philosophy and I just love it for the pretty shapes and pieces that it makes!

  • The card base is A2 size or 4.25 x 5.5"
  • The yellow mat is just "one smidge" smaller than this. Basically I took a 4.25 x 5.5" piece and shaved just 1/8" off of each side. (top and side only - not all four sides!)
  • Next I cut a square of green cardstock at 3.75" and a square of blue cardstock at 3.5"
  • Time to use your Cricut cartridge!! :)
  • Cut the pretty doily out of white cardstock. It is on the same button as the Christmas stocking, Pg. 67. Be sure to press "Font Layer" and "Shift" to get the doily and cut one at 4"
  • Since you are cutting on white cardstock, this is a great time to cut out a 2" bird - pg. 51
  • Keep using the white cardstock and cut out one "Rctngle5" at 1.5" Then cut several of  "flower 8" - pg 50... at 1/2 and 3/4" sizes, or as big as you like. I cut white flowers... but sure, you could cut pink or whatever you want. :)
  • Next, cut the Branch from pg. 35. Cut one "Branch2" at 2" out of green cardstock. 
  • While you are at it, cut the marquee sign out of the green cardstock by pressing "shift" and "decorative layer" at 1.5"
  • Out of brown cardstock, cut the branch by pressing "Layer" and "shift" to get the brown branch at 2"
  • You need two more birds if you want to make the chickadee like mine. Cut the bird out of black cardstock at 2". 
  • Switch to grey cardstock and cut the bird at 2" and the wings at 2 1/2".  (I liked my wings more when cut at a little bit larger size.)

I used one of those tiny roller-ball type Zig glue pens to glue the pieces together. 
If you want to make a chickadee, use the black paper as the bottom layer. 
Without sounding gross, just use your scissors and cut the head off of the grey bird in a rounded shape like I did. Then I took the white bird and cut the breast shape and a little "swipe" of white for his face.
Glue the face swipe part down first, then glue the grey headless part, then the white breast.
The last bit was just to add the wing.
The bird is adhered to the card using dimensional squares.
For the sentiment I stamped and embossed with black embossing powder. Make sure you do this on the white marquee sign after you check placement - meaning put the green layer down on it lightly before stamping the sentiment, so it is centered where you want it.
I also adhered the marquee sign sentiment to the card using dimensional squares. 

I added some bling to the corners of the doily and to the center of each of the flowers. I also added a tiny black gemstone for his little eye. I love how this turned out and I think I will experiment with some different kinds of birds - maybe robins and bluebirds and a cardinal for winter!

Thanks for stopping by to see the instructions! This card was made for one of our deployed heroes to send home to their friend back in the states. You can learn more at Operation Write Home if you would like to make cards for the troops, too.

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Ruth G said...

Wow! Fantastic card and thanks so much for all the details for how you made it! I love Art Philosophy, too! I have Artiste now, too, but I think Art Philosophy is still my favorite! TFS!

Dawn's Daze said...

I LOVE your chickadee!! Thanks for all the directions!

Naomi said...

This card is incredible! Thank you for your well written instructions. This is at the top of my must-do list. I might even make kits so some of my friends can join in the fun - we love birds. Oh, and now I have a real reason to get Art Philosophy. Can't wait!

croppinmama said...

TFS your creativity and your detailed explanation how you made this beautiful card. Came to your blog from the OWH Blog Skip and am now inspired to use my Cricut for cards more.

Lalia H. said...

Love your birdie. Your instructions made me giggle about the "gross" part. Such a beautiful card.

Jacqui said...

Thank you for sharing this card complete with recipe. I had a go at making this card so I have to try the Cardinal too!