Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Expressions Kits

Fastest. Month. Ever. Didn't I just post my things for the January Express The Moment kits? Well, It's that time again. This years' kits from ETM are showing some real promise. I just love to see the latest lines of products from my favorite companies inside. This month there are a ton of goodies from My Mind's Eye and of course a whole bunch of things to continue our "Project Life" style albums.

There are a ton of butterflies in this month's kit ... perfect for creating this page that I have been wanting to make for some photos of my little niece and nephew at some butterfly gardens back east. How did that firey little redheaded boy hold still long enough to get that butterfly on his finger? The world will never know. Thank goodness for Kodak moments or I would never believe it. :)

If you are continuing with the monthly 8x8 page, you can copy this one if you like. I love the doily stickers and the sentiment stickers in the kit. They will be so pretty for a February photo of some kind. The best part about creating one 8x8 page each month is that at the end of the year, you have an entire album to send to someone special.

The following cards were made using some deconstructed sketches. I love these sketches!!! Look closely and you will see some really pretty embossed patterned papers that are found in this months' kit. It's like having new embossing folders, almost. :) The embossing on these papers is VERY textured and there are two different colored sides to the paper. Gorgeous. I used a Stampin' Up sentiment on this one:

I used my own bling on these cards because they turned out so formal looking with these beautiful patterned papers. (You can never have enough bling, right?) For the sentiment on this one, I embossed with silver powder using a Close To My Heart sentiment stamp.I also distressed the edges of all of these papers softly, using a medium grey ink

One more with another example of this beautiful embossed paper. This one is a very cool pattern, don't you think? I love the combination of romantic colors and patterns in this month's kit.

Inside the kit is also an entire box, 12 blank cards made with patterned paper, called "Just Write" by American Crafts. These are perfect, PERFECT for dressing up and making a few Valentines or cards for Operation Write Home. When I was finished making my other projects with the kits, I just sorted my scraps and found OWH sketches to follow to use up the scraps. We learned how to do this at the last ETM crop... it's very easy and  a great way to use up your extras!

 Speaking of crop, there's one coming up for Express the Moment in Idaho Falls, so be sure to check the website for details. I hope to meet you there for some good card-making, cropping fun!

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