Friday, January 25, 2013

For The Shire!

Last night, I had one of those lying there awake, making a card in your head kind of moments. Ok, it was a long moment. I couldn't sleep!! I'm also in love with The Hobbit movie. I grew up on that book and it's always been a favorite. I'm also a huge LOtR geek. Heehee. So I guess I've kind of been trying to figure this card out for a while. I think I finally came up with all the pieces!

(Adding this to my S&S homework as "earth tone" colors because really, does it get any more earthy than a hobbit hole?)

Here's How:
Card base - 4.25 x 5.5" - White
Dark Green Cardstock Mat - cut this one just 1/16 smaller 
(Don't adhere to card at first!)
White - 4 x 5.25"
I sponged some blue sky onto the white cardstock, but not a lot of it ended up showing, so it didn't really matter.

Brown cardstock - I cut one 4 x 5.25" and then just kind of cut a rolling hill pattern along the top edge.
From the same brown CS, I cut a circle measuring 3" and distressed the edges with Chocolate ink.
From some kraft paper I cut a circle measuring 2.75"
This was run through my Cuttlebug with a wood pattern embossing folder for the door. I distressed this piece with a little bit of chocolate ink too.

I adhered the "door" pieces to the bottom edge of the card with the bottom edge hanging off a little bit and trimmed it away.

The little doorknob is an old brad. I searched my stash for a cute antiquey button or something, but this was the best that I found. The brad goes through the door layer and through the green cardstock base. After this, I was ready to attach the green cardstock base to the folded card base. The window is a 1 1/4 circle punch. I punched a cream cardstock (maybe blue would have been better?) I just doodled a little bit of "window" onto it with a brown marker and a white gel pen.

The little fence was cut from the Cricut Cartridge called Paper Doll Dress Up.
I cut two fences at 1.5"  using the "real size" feature. The entire fence piece was used on the left side, but I cut it down a little for the fence on the right.
The fence is popped up with dimensional tape.

I kind of have a ton of free fonts. This one is called "hobbiton" and I just printed it out using Word and 16pt font onto white cardstock. I cut it out and rounded the corners a little and cut a little banner shape. The center part is popped up with dimensional tape.

The "grass" for the top of the hill is actually hair, cut from the same paper doll cartridge. I cut it from the cave man and pirate boy shapes at a few different "real dial" sizes from 1 to 1.5" and just kind of overlapped them along the top of the hill.

This is the punch that I used to do the flowers and vines. It's by EK I believe. I punched dark green and white paper and used the dark green for the vines. Gluing the ends down and weaving them through the little fence pieces was tedious but fun. I also used the green flower parts as leaves behind the white flowers. I used my iRock tool to set a tiny pink hot gem to the center of each flower. Whew!

The whole card took me several hours to finish up but most of that was because I kind of had to experiment with all of the sizes and shapes. I love how it turned out and I think I have some more "Hobbitish" ideas in my head too. Yay! Thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

Friend, you totally rock with your Hobbit card. I am in awe. :)

Sybrina K said...


This is gorgeous. Your layering, design, and attention to detail have resulted in a card worthy of Hobbit fans everywhere -- and will bring great special joy to a Hobbit-fan recipient. Amazing!

Paula S. said...

What beautiful details! I can totally relate to the idea of 'creating a card in your head' and sometimes it results in a very nice card when I am finally able to bring it to life. And yes this is truly a color scheme from nature! :)

Nancy Keller said...

Thanks you guys! I really really loved making this card and I think I need to do more. :)

Shari B said...

This is amazing! So creative and perfectly executed!

Amanda R said...

Love this Hobbit Card. We have friends that we call the hobbits, so I think I might have to attempt this. If I do, I'll try and send you a photo. Thank you for including all the tips (using hair for the grass roof.)

Jeanette from New Zealand said...

Just found your site. Love your hobbit home. Looks really awesome. I live about 11/2hrs drive from the Hobbits Shire in Matatmata, New Zealand where some of the movie was made.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC CARD, we cased a few of you elements to make a young LoTRs fan Birthday Card. Excellent tutorial and we had fun with it too. Thank you for the inspiration