Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boot Camp and things...

I'm soooo excited about Paula's new Design Boot Camp over at Stars & Stamps I just can't stand myself. I feel like I need to go buy some fatigues or at least some olive drab tee-shirts or something. You've GOT to play along with this Monday feature for a while!

This week we learned some basics about color and you know, for a person like me who never really had any formal art or graphic design classes, this was really very handy. I also love the little color wheel link on the Stars & Stamps page. This is definitely something that I will use time and time again, if nothing else, just to find some scraps that "go" together and might make a pretty card.

I did my reading and fiddling with the color wheel. I decided that a triad pattern might be fun for me to try this week. Two of my favorite colors are red and purple and although I love them together, it's hard to put them together in the same project without it looking wonky! I was super happy to see them in a triad pattern with the color green. I decided to give it a try. I used some scraps of grass and scraps of red and purple from another project. I'm not smitten with the sentiment and I might cover it up and redo it with something else. . . don't you hate it when you don't feel like a card is "finished?" I do love the bling, which never shows up well in a photo. This card is very sparkly!

Here is another example of some complementary colors from and old card that I did. I didn't know about complementary colors when I made this card, but I always have liked how this card turned out.

Yay for that cute little Dustin Pike digi! 

Today's Tutorial is a fun one by a sweet lady named Jann. 
She was so kind to let us use her chalkboard tutorial video today. It really is a great video. I found that I don't have all of the exact same supplies as Jann did but I managed well enough. I love the look of this project and I think that I need to do some more experimenting and stamp searching to find more fun combinations.

I decided to frame my "chalkboard" with a little piece of brown and add some twine and a "nail" (brad) just for something fun.I like it! Maybe I need more colored pencils. :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you'll join me for more Boot Camp fun... what a great learning experience!

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Linda said...

WTG on all your cards! I cannot wait to try the chalkboard tutorial.

Ted said...

Nancy, I just had to rush over and thank you for the kind words you left on my blog! :) They really lifted my spirits. :)

And that Dustin Pike image is adorable and you really made it into a masterpiece! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so get you on the "um, there's something about this card..." I end up adding an embellishment, tweaking a sentiment etc alot of the time when I'm building cards. (I tend to make a stack of cardfronts and then build them fully when I have 15 or so.)

I love the chalkboard card. I don't heat emboss so didn't really look at the tutorial as something to do but then I saw a video on Sandy's blog and she did some embossing and a bell went ding ding ding in my head.

Penny Ward said...

gotta try the chalkboard card....thanks for the comment at my blog....one of my favorite colors is "not a waitress red".:-)

Paula S. said...

That Fish card was one of my favorites from that entire VCMP and this bootcamp now has me analyzing the cards I am attracted to and sure enough... there is a pattern and they usually fall into one of the basic color harmonies! I had never once stop to think about it before. Thanks for the Chalkboard Tut, I cannot wait to give that a go. :)