Monday, January 7, 2013

More Kid Cards - 10-15

Haaaaaaaapy New Year!

Oh, I sure hope that 2013 is good to all of us! I am so ready for a fresh start. I've got a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak, and I'm thinking that there are lots of good things to come! The end of '12 turned out to be quite unexpectely sad for my poor family. We lost Grandpa Lloyd on New Years' Eve. What a shocker - but he had been very sad and lonsome since he lost his sweetheart Grandma Bonnie in May of last year. The two of them are most likely back to their dancing and shenannigans in some better place! I can definitely tell you that my in-laws are made of some strong stuff. They've had a hard go of things and they are very inspiring to me for their fortitude.

Now then, I've been trying to keep up with my project for 26 kid cards. (You can read back a few posts about this, if you would like.) I've managed to finish a few more and I thought I would share because those kid cards can be hard to create. Maybe something here will spark your imagination too.

Making kid cards was a little bit sad to me because it made me wax nostalgic about the fun things I used to do with Alex when he was tiny and some of the characters and shows he used to love.

I used a lot of character images and I hope that they are still popular enough with kids now that they will be recognized. The little glasses on this Hamtaro cracked me up. I put liquid glass on the lenses and popped them up with dimensional glue so he does look VERY SMART indeed. What a fun card for a hero to send home to a kid with good grades!!

Bob The Builder was always a fun one for me to watch with Alex. He even had to have a hat and little play tool set to wear while watching this show. This seems like a good way to use up small character images like stickers so that they don't look so much like "sneeze." For this card (and the one above, sort of..) I followed some of the latest deconstructed sketches. If you haven't seen some of those, you are missing out.

Toy Story was big when Alex was little. I love the Little Green Men. All I can think of, is them saying, "Coooooooooooool....."
I printed the sentiment using Word and a free font that is called Nasalization, I think. 

Ok, this one could be from MY childhood, but Care Bears are still in, right? 

I wracked my brain trying to think of things that modern moms and dads might miss doing with their kids. A popular thing, I think, might be playing video games together. I printed these sentiments using Word again. The little "A" and "B" buttons are just 1/2 inch circles with the letters stamped on them. I think that I will add some liquid glass to them to make them look more buttony and plastic! The arcade style paper is from a DCWV stack called Generation Tech. I fussy cut the Tetris blocks (THAT was fun...) and the little controller below.

Maybe today's Moms and Dads don't play Space Invaders but back in MY DAY no Saturday Morning was complete without some sugary cereal, Looney Toons and a bout of ATARI with dad. I still think that these cards would be fun for a parent to send home to their gaming buddies. I can imagine that the thought of Mom or Dad being home soon to play with again would be a good thought for a kiddo, too.

That's it for today, but thank you for stopping by! It is still very very cold here and I hope to enjoy a few more hours of carding time this week. Might as well stay inside and make the most of it!! :)

(Link: If you need some of that liquid glass? You can get some here. I need to order some more, too!)

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Linda said...

Awesome! I esp love the computer sentiment. Thanks.

Dixie Cochran said...

Your cards for kids are going to be a hit! ATARI? I'd forgotten about that.