Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have decided to open a store at etsy.com!

Right now, I have all of my leftover card kits from the craft fair available. I will be updating frequently with new card kits and even some finished cards available. If any of you locals decide to purchase, I will wave your shipping and hand deliver your kits or cards with a big hug too. :D

Anyway, happy shopping, or just take a peek and wish me luck with my new little online storefront. :)


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Glitter Fruit!

It all started the other day when I got a real hankerin' for some of those sugary fruit jelly candies that you can only buy in the candy shop. Don't those sound good???

I also just got the cutest new pad of paper - it's the "Sweet" stack by DCWV and it has a ton of cute papers including these adorable glittery fruity ones.

Then I found some plain chipboard circles - about an inch and a half in diameter. It all went downhill from there :)

I came home and got into my hubby's acrylic paints - he has this whole shoebox full of paints from back in the day when we used to paint those little pewter Dungeons & Dragons and Mechwarrior figurines. (Don't judge me, ok?) So I used BILE GREEN and HOBGOBLIN ORANGE and MANE YELLOW. . . I did save DRAGON SCALE RED and PALADIN BLUE for another day. I am sure that I will find use for them!

I painted the little chipboard circles and used a white Galaxy Marker to make the rinds and the sections. Then I topped them off with some yellow, orange and green sugar glitter - they turned out all sugary and yummy looking - good enough to eat!

Not bad for a weekend's work - we did have to skip the first four-wheeling adventure of the year due to bad weather. But we enjoyed a lovely evening of BBQ and card playing, in four inches of fresh fallen snow tonight! Hooray for spring break!

Monday, March 23, 2009

March: Card Day

Ahh, one of my favorite days of the month has got to be card day. It started with a phone call from Tiffani this morning - my phone always plays Breakfast at Tiffany's when she calls me. Squee! Was I ready for card day? You betcha!!!

Card day is so much fun - I think, because it is a great excuse to spend lots of hours just hanging out with friends and having fun. Glitter and glue are always welcome things as well. Today was full of paper goodness and some fun turkey cranberry sandwiches. Yum :)

Here is a pic of the takings for this month. We don't have solid plans for April Card Day yet but I will update when we get things rolling. :)

It was fun to be the host this month! I must say a big thanks to my hubby for helping me with the scrap corner - and to B.S. the cat, for bringing me in a live mouse about 20 minutes before the ladies showed up, and not after. Because, that would have been just swell!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Things

It's been a busy time of year - sadly there has been a lot of health problems in the family and I haven't had time to get everything done that I have needed too. . . my scrap time has been a real life saver. It's so true when they say that scrapbooking is cheaper than therapy!

Card day is Monday the 23rd! I have got to send out e-mails today, so look for those, you, my scrap peeps!

Meanwhile, here are a few pics that I have finally been able to get together. First is the collection of card kits that I got together for the Spring Botique last weekend. I still have quite a few of those kits left over, and will probably either save them for my next craft fair, or sell them on etsy. . .

Second is the bunch of goodies that I made with my ETM March Expressions kits. You know what I love best about the kits this month? I sat down, took a few deep breaths, and just let things go. I didn't have any ideas in mind. I had a few templates to look at. But mostly, I just sat in my own little glitter and glue filled world, and cut. And glued. And painted. And then I felt better. These colors are so cute for spring, don't you think?

I am totally ready for spring. The locals would probably agree - I am sick to death of the wind and the cold and the rain and those last piles of nasty dirty snow that just don't seem to want to go away. I am tired of the yucky grey and brown and yellow nasty ground with last year's rotting leaf litter. I am sick of the mud and the WIND. . . ugh. . . the wind. . . Yesterday I noticed a couple of little green shoots sticking up out of the ick in the ground next to the back door. It's daffodils coming up already - and I am more than ready for spring.