Sunday, March 29, 2009

Glitter Fruit!

It all started the other day when I got a real hankerin' for some of those sugary fruit jelly candies that you can only buy in the candy shop. Don't those sound good???

I also just got the cutest new pad of paper - it's the "Sweet" stack by DCWV and it has a ton of cute papers including these adorable glittery fruity ones.

Then I found some plain chipboard circles - about an inch and a half in diameter. It all went downhill from there :)

I came home and got into my hubby's acrylic paints - he has this whole shoebox full of paints from back in the day when we used to paint those little pewter Dungeons & Dragons and Mechwarrior figurines. (Don't judge me, ok?) So I used BILE GREEN and HOBGOBLIN ORANGE and MANE YELLOW. . . I did save DRAGON SCALE RED and PALADIN BLUE for another day. I am sure that I will find use for them!

I painted the little chipboard circles and used a white Galaxy Marker to make the rinds and the sections. Then I topped them off with some yellow, orange and green sugar glitter - they turned out all sugary and yummy looking - good enough to eat!

Not bad for a weekend's work - we did have to skip the first four-wheeling adventure of the year due to bad weather. But we enjoyed a lovely evening of BBQ and card playing, in four inches of fresh fallen snow tonight! Hooray for spring break!


Edwards Family said...

Love em...Love em... you are awesomely wonderful...I want to make these...

Julie said...

These cards are very cute Nancy!! TFS