Monday, March 23, 2009

March: Card Day

Ahh, one of my favorite days of the month has got to be card day. It started with a phone call from Tiffani this morning - my phone always plays Breakfast at Tiffany's when she calls me. Squee! Was I ready for card day? You betcha!!!

Card day is so much fun - I think, because it is a great excuse to spend lots of hours just hanging out with friends and having fun. Glitter and glue are always welcome things as well. Today was full of paper goodness and some fun turkey cranberry sandwiches. Yum :)

Here is a pic of the takings for this month. We don't have solid plans for April Card Day yet but I will update when we get things rolling. :)

It was fun to be the host this month! I must say a big thanks to my hubby for helping me with the scrap corner - and to B.S. the cat, for bringing me in a live mouse about 20 minutes before the ladies showed up, and not after. Because, that would have been just swell!


Julie said...

Oh Nancy the cards are awsome! I am sad that I did not get to participate this month :( I am gonna try very very hard to send kits to ya girls for next month though!!!! Hugs Julie

Edwards Family said...

I might have to brag a little. Card day is sooo much fun and you all are terrific. Awesome ideas and we just get together and laugh and just be ourselves. Give me heads up ASAP so I can start working on next months.