Monday, January 23, 2012

Moneysaver Monday!

Hello! Did you have a good weekend? I had to work. But it was great to see my work friends and as always... learn new things. It doesn't matter how long you work for, when you work at a hospital, you always learn new things. And never, never say that you have "seen it all." Because lo and behold, that is when something unique will happen. We will leave it at that! :)

It's time for Moneysaver Monday! I'm so excited! I have been continuing to sort and reorganize my stash and I came upon an idea that I thought I would share that is great for both scrapbooking and cardmaking.
I love to dive the clearance bins at my favorite craft stores!!! Here are just two of some cute note pads that I bought from the bins last year:


Clearance priced at 4/$1.00 these will be great for projects - I'll tell you why. The little note pads are 4" wide, which is perfect for cutting down to a 4 x 5.25" size. I can use them to line cards made with dark cardstock so that they have a nice writing area. They are also great to use for journaling on a scrapbook page. I could build a whole page around that cute ladybug paper. . . cards for that matter, too. Compared to more expensive, packaged "journaling tags" or lined cards that you can buy pre-made, these are much less expensive. And when you make cards in bulk like I do, that is a great deal. 


 Here is a little 100-sheet pad of note papers that my friend let me borrow. Each page has a different verse, saying, or scripture on it. They are meant for use as sticky-notes. Think decorated Post-It's. You can find cute note pads like these in lots of office supply or greeting-card stores. Each page is already decorated and they are on such cute papers! They are also already the perfect size. I could make 100 cards from this stack of papers, by layering each verse or sentiment on the front or inside of a card and adding a few cute embellishments. This is another great find... as 100 "sentiment" stamps would cost much more, or printing them would cost more in ink and paper than this little stack did. Thanks for letting me borrow your stack, Dee! Here, I made you a card. :)

That is all for this weeks' segment of, "Moneysaver Monday!" lol... thank you for stopping by!

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Jen said...

Great ideas! I never would've thought to use notepads to line dark colored cards, but it's genius!

Jenn Embry said...

What a great idea and way cuter than using a post-it note!