Monday, November 16, 2009

Shiny Things

My days off are over and I am gently packing away all of my goodies that will be for sale at the craft fair this weekend. I would be telling a big lie if I said I wasn't nervous about this... but I am keeping in mind that it is all for fun and it will be great experience for craft fairs of the future, and who knows what else may lie ahead for me?

I spent today going over my inventory and adding a few things here and there. I made six of these cards at the last minute - to use up a sheet of really pretty ornament stickers that I found.

Here is a list of supplies for this card which used not one, but three different Cricut cartridges. Won't I be glad if I can afford to buy a Gypsy with my craft fair earnings? :)
The card base is a 5.5x7 in. plain white card base.
The bottom layer is a 5.5x7 black cardstock
The red mat is a 5x6.5 red cardstock with an oval window.
I cut the oval window by running the red cardstock through my Cricut using the George and Basic Shapes cartridge - I cut a 5" oval shape. The placement of the cardstock for this cut required a lot of practice with scrap paper, a bit of magic, and quite a few cuss words.
Next I cut a pine branch from the Joys of the Season cartridge on the 3" setting. The pine branch actually includes a pinecone hanging from the branch. I cut those little buggers off. I did not want green pinecones on my branches. Kthx.
The sentiment was cut using Winter Woodland - "Season's Greetings" on the 1.5" setting. I cut the background on black cardstock, the shadow outline on red, and the letters on a gold foil paper. Gluing these three layers together also took a bit of magic and even more cuss words.
Next, I made a pot of coffee and enjoyed some new chocolate mint truffle creamer.
I added glitter to the pine branches. ^_^ *glitter*
I added the ornament stickers and a green bow.
I stamped the insides of the cards with "Merry Christmas" and stamped the
corners of the envelopes with a holly leaf.
It occured to me, that you could make these cards or something similar - and instead of adding the ornament stickers, you could add a real christmas ornament. Something that isn't too huge and bulky - those flat, brass ones could be really pretty this way. Then you could send a card and ornament, all in one. Neat!

That is all for now - I will be working the rest of the week and thankfully, we have Friday night to set up the booth for the fair on Saturday. Wish me luck - I shall return with a lot of photos and hopefully, a lot less inventory. :)


Cindy said...

These cards came out wonderful...I have used that cartridge and it is great....Good luck at the craft fair!

Seongsook Duncan said...

Hi, Nancy,
You are one of winners of Digital stamps on my blog for the Operation Write Home Veteran's Day Bloghop. Please visit my blog: and let me know which images you like to choose. Congratulations!

*Alison* said...

Congrats on winning 2 of my digital stamps.. :) If you could email me your email addy to so I can send you your stamps.. :) I have you down for the "if the shoe fits" and one of my cofee cups.. did you want the one with or without cream? thanks :) and congrats again