Monday, September 21, 2009

Card Day!

Oh, it had been too long since the ladies got together for card day!!!

The events of today were fantastic. . . it was a great time for the CDC (Card Day Club!) and we did save a few kits for those who couldn't make it this time around. And so I will post pics of todays projects for those who may need a little hand with assembly and such!!! :) We are sure hoping that with fall and the kids going back to school that the CDC will get back in full force in time for making Christmas Cards and such. Our next meeting will be Monday October 19th - hosted by me! More news to follow and of course anybody locally who would like to join us is more than welcome - it's a great time!

Today's Card Day was all about . . . bags and tags!!! WHAT??? No cards??? Well, we decided to do something different and fun, and it WAS! We are definitely going to have to do this one again. We all got to go home with all of these great gift bags. So here are pics of the loot. (click for bigger pics if needed!)

This birthday bag was designed by Tiffani and we had a ton of fun with all of the glitter and the cupcakes. I love the blue and brown colors and the glitter, of course. Yaay! Tiffani also even found the perfect tissue paper for the insides of all of her bags. I think that most of the supplies that we got for all of these bags came from Big Lots and from Wal Mart - Big Lots has especially good deals on plain gift bags in lots of different colors and sizes and you can get them in packages for a very inexpensive price.

This bag is great for a girlie birthday - loving the birthday fairy and all of the bling. This one is also by Tiffani. I think that she went totally nuts with the Paper Doll Cricut cartridge . . .

. . . she also made one for the super men (and boys) in our lives as well because . . . well. . . they just probably wouldn't dig all of the pink glitter on the fairy bag. Then again, you never know.

Too cute this little super man is, with the silver foil city in the background!!!

Deb Egan brought this bag and tag and Tiffani and I are just going nuts over the paper that she chose. She also cut out that little star embelishment thing using glitter paper and we stuck it on the bag with a sugar coated brad. Love the colors for this one and it could be for Christmas OR a winter birthday. . . perfect!

Here is a bag for Halloween goodies. I didn't make a tag to match, I wish I had been that smart. But I DID make a Halloween card because I just couldn't stand it, and we put those together too. Yes- next month will be all Halloween stuff, but I JUST COULDN'T HELP IT. . . HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH HALLOWEEN!!!

Scary, huh? I know. :)

Finally, here is a bag and tag of sorts, although not a gift bag. This little "bag" is more of a holder for a ziplock baggie. Now you can put cookies or candy or cocoa mix or whatever you want in the baggie, and the baggie goes inside THIS. See? Then the treats show through the little window. All done in my favorite Christmas paper from last year too. . . and that is the end of the Card Day goodies for now. :)

What a great day! Thank you all, it was really a treat!

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So cute! Love the new blog look too!