Sunday, February 15, 2009

Once again Express the Moment came through for me like a box of chocolates. :) It's always like Christmas morning when I get to pick up my monthly card kit. . . the February kit was just full of these pretty red and pink things by Making Memories and best of all there is this page of layout ideas for what to do with all of those wonderful toys!

I already had most of my Valentines done but I hadn't even thought about making tags. . . lucky for me the page maps this month were all about tags and so. . . I got a ton of them done for those Valentines' gifties! Woot for tags! I cut out all the card bases on my Cricut and used a lot of glitter (what, me?) - it's a bummer that glitter is so hard to see in photos.

Sadly, I got a lot of tags made and put on the gifts before I gathered them up for a photo shoot. Doh. But here are a few of the ones I had left. . . card day people - you should check out ETM some time. :)
Speaking of card day - it's coming soon so all of you card day peeps should watch your email - I will be sending them out soon with reminders and stuff, m'kay? We are still planning for Monday Feb 23.


lulala8882002 said...
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Julie said...

Hey Nancy great tags!!!! Yes I am so excited for the card day!!!! I have almost one kit put together and am gonna make at least one more over the next week! See ya next monday!!!!

Kim Rose said...

Your tags are so cute! So happy you are liking your kits. You rock!