Friday, January 9, 2009

Well Here I Am!

Well here I am at Blogger. Allow me to say hello and introduce myself. . . my name is Nancy and I have been a huge fan of blogging for about five years. It seems that my medium, LiveJournal, is in danger of going under. People all over LJ land are freaking out because they could lose literally years of archived memories, journaling, photos and etc. I am distressed along with them, but am reaching out to other places to see what I like. I see that a lot of my friends in the scrapping community use Blogspot, and so, I will try it out and see what there is to see! I do like the interface here, it seems pretty friendly and so far I am liking it.

Now then. I need friends. . . haha. . .

I think that I will go ahead and link to some of my stuff on the interwebs. . . I have collected all of my latest projects in the slideshow below and I am super, super, super excited about the year of 2009. I have a ton of big goals and dreams that I would like to accomplish, or at least start working towards. One of those is my own little business of sorts, that has to do with my biggest passion, scrapbooking and making cards.

That is all for my first post here at blogspot. . . but no worries, I will be returning soon with new paper crafts and junk and stuff to share and hopefully some great news about the business too.



stusprincess said...

I just saw your posts over on Express The Moment and thought I would drop in on your blog and say hello!! Your blog is so cute. Love the eyelet quote!

Pam :)

Night Shift Nancy said...

Thanks Pam for stopping by!!!!! :)