Monday, June 25, 2012

A passel of project pointers!

Soooo excited for tomorrow mornings' tutorial this week. It's something a bit different this week that I know that people will just love. In addition to a very cute project, I have collected as many fun ideas as I can think of to help people set up their own 4th of July card making party.

I have such a warm fuzzy in my heart, thinking of how many families out there could make card making for the troops a part of their holiday traditions. I know that I want it to be part of mine, always.

Without further explanation, please stop by Stars & Stamps ... And do watch for comments, I am hoping that they explode with even more card party ideas!

A shot of my OWH table from an ETM crop last year. Hoping for a repeat of this event at a crop in July. . . Can't wait!

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