Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moneysaver Monday

Here's a quick tip for anybody following along with my Monday tips on saving money on Scrapbooking supplies. My tip is this - think "scrapbook" wherever you go. It's no secret, any time a product or embellishment ends up in the "scrapbooking" aisle, the price is marked up remarkably. This especially applies to sewing supplies, ribbons, buttons, and such. How can you save money on embellishments??

Some of my favorite places to look for buttons and snaps are dollar stores, drug stores, and second-hand stores. You can always get huge amounts of them for much less. Local Mom-and-Pop scrapbooking stores also tend to have great deals on these embellishments. Sometimes you can even buy them in bulk! Fun!

Scroll down to see yesterday's bear card that I made for Sketch #110 at Stars & Stamps and you will see the three silver snaps that I used on this card... Snaps can be found in lots of styles in the sewing supplies... I got 100 snaps for a dollar. You can attach the decorative side of them easily to a card with just a dot of glue. Compare this to similar decorative embellishments I found for $4 a dozen... What a huge savings!

Thanks for stopping by! Next week, I'll share a super cool trick about brads.

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Marjorie said...

Looks like I left my comment at the wrong place. Your cards below are great. Now for this .... a BIG thank you for your tip on embellishments and where possible places to find them cheaper.