Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beachy Thinking of You!

Here's a beachy card with an idea that anybody can expand on. I used sand paper for a layer on this card to make it extra beachy! Here are some things about working with sand paper that you should know.

First, I would like to thank my dear hubby for his assistance with this card. I've never seen him quite so engaged! When I asked him if he had any sand paper, not only did he take me to his work bench to find just the right kind, he also gave me a few tips on working with sand paper that I will share! That brings me from my first tip...

When stealing sand paper from your husband, DO ask if you can use it first. It's only fair. I wouldn't want my hubby rooting through my paper scraps, even if they look like trash to him. :)

Sand paper comes in all kinds of different grains (roughness) sizes, colors, shapes and it even comes in sheets with sticky backing! Just peel it off like a sticker, and it sticks! I found the adhesive to be pretty serious so don't count on being able to reposition it after you place it on your card! The different grains of sand paper come in different colors, too... How fun!

When cutting your sheets of sand paper, do NOT use your good scissors. Hubby says that sand paper will ruin your blades. He suggested cutting it with a straight edge and a craft knife that I have a replacement blade for. I used that, and an old pair of scissors that I didn't care about, to make this card. Isn't that sweet? Hubby saved my blades!

Expanding on this, I would also recommend not putting your sand paper through your Cricut..l (whew, tempting! I probably would have tried this!) Don't use your favorite punches, or deco-edge scissors either, unless you don't care about dulling them.

DO experiment with paint or ink on your sand paper... I colored on mine with a Bic Marker to draw the little windows and footprints. This gives me ideas for making pretty sand painting cards later on. :)

DO take advantage of that sticky-back paper, and do use a strong adhesive to stick anything to the sandy-side of the paper. I used glue dots. They worked great!

DO take advantage of trips to Home Depot with your hubby... I have found that aside from good quality time together, you can browse the selections of sand paper together and have a good time! I owe mine coffee and a big kiss for showing me the sand paper ropes. Thank you, Hubby!

Have fun, and be sure to share your sandy cards with me!


Kathryn said...

Thanks for sharing these tips, Nancy. If anyone wants to try, I have read on the packaging that the thick Sizzix dies are OK to cut sandpaper in limited use. :)

Desert Rose Stamper said...

Great tips Nancy, especially about taking the trips with the hubby. I usually do tag along -- but now I will head over to the sand paper section with zest. :-)

Love you little beach scene with the crabs. So very cute.

Jen said...

Your card is adorable! Great tips... who would've thunk? LOL

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

Very CUTE card! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your card. It's so cute!

Thanks very much for the great tips.


Berni Cuttino said...

Cute card, love the color and ready to tackle those crabs. Adorable

Donna Hanley said...

Nancy, I would have never even thought to use sand paper. Thanks for all the good tips. Love your card.

Ellen said...

I fell in love with this card when I first saw it. The sandcastle and little crabs are so cute.

Thanks for leaving love on my blog!!!

Paula S. said...

Great sand paper tips and an adorable card. Thanks for making this fun sample card.

Carol L said...

This card is just too stinkin' cute!! I love the googlie eyes and footprints in the sand! Adorable!
{and TFS the great tips about sand paper - who knew?}