Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Expressions!

It's my favorite time of the month - Card Kit Time!!!! August Expressions kits from Express the Moment!!! This month you will NOT want to miss this kit. Kim picked the cutest darned paper and stickers from a company that is new to me - echo park paper co. They came up with the most adorable selection of bright colors and bold patterns! The line is called "Sweet Summer Time" by Crystal Wilkerson and it is just full of F U N.  :)

Also included in this month's kit you will find lots of coordinating embellies as usual - strips of ribbon and fabric, buttons, brads, chipboard, metal, paper flowers, die cuts, punches. . . wow. . . plenty of things to play along with if you are participating in the 16-card 3-papers template by Jeanette Lynton of Close To My Heart. Here are my 16 cards that I made using just three of the papers from this month's kit.

Don't you just love those wacky letter stickers?? They make me laugh every time! And there is a ton of them - I made everything in this post with just the one sheet of letter stickers that came in the kit.
I also made my August 8x8" page with a few of my favorite embellies and papers from this month's kit. I love that little strip of patterned paper with the flowers and the words. . . summer summer summer. . . lol

I was also able to create a few fun pocket cards - there is a page of paper in the kit with these adorable little journaling cards. I cut them apart and used strips of cardstock measuring 4.25 x 8.5" to create the pockets. Score the paper at 3" and at 6" - fold and adhere them at the edges. Use a circle punch to punch a tab or cut a notch in the front of the pocket as shown. Add a bit of ribbon to the journaling cards and attach them using colored staples (not included) or hole punches - decorate the pockets with strips of patterned paper and border stickers and letters! Write a little note on that journaling card and slip it into the pocket along with some cash - what a fun gift for someone who is going away to college, back to school, or for any reason!

When I am done playing with my monthly kit - I always love to use up my scraps to make cards for the troops. Some of my "16" cards will go to the troops this month - along with this one that I made following this week's sketch challenge at Stars & Stamps.  Here is the sketch if you would like to play along.

And my card. . . . Thank you for stopping by! If you had fun with the 16-card templates, the "Wishes" book is available through my Close To My Heart site along with lots of other fun CTMH products. The "Wishes" book is outstanding for card templates and ideas. . . you will definitely want a copy for making your Christmas cards this year!!! The fall / winter catalogue will also be coming out soon. . . I am so excited!!!
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Susan said...

very cute...love the colors

SaDeBuque said...

very summery card, i just love the color combos :) TFS!

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