Monday, May 10, 2010

Grand Opening Party!!! Woot!


Oh boy - do I have something to celebrate today! And awesome things to share too! As previously mentioned, my friend Cindy got me addicted to Close To My Heart. Hi. My name is Nancy. And I am a scrap addict. (hello Nancy!)  Well, I'm here to tell you that I love the CTMH stamps SO much that I just had to have access to them for myself and my friends - all year long! I have become an independent consultant - and that means that I now have my own CTMH website so others can buy their awesome products through me! Happy day!!!!

Let's start the celebration - and the great share-y things too! As part of my new consultant kit - I got this cute recipe box. At first I thought ok- something cute to decorate - and store glitter in! Hooray! I won't lie. I'm not much of the recipe type. I'm more of the read-the-back-of-the-box type. A hamburger helper girl. A mac 'n cheese mom! A recipe box would be handy, but really. . . wouldn't it be more fun for something like this???

That's when I came up with my plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Ok, not really, but I did come up with these.

And some of these!!!!

That's right - from now on, I will offer FOR FREE - A 4x6 CARD RECIPE with every new card created for my blog. You can click on the card recipes for the 4x6 size right click to print- and keep them for your very own card recipe box. I printed mine on some light weight cardstock so that they are more sturdy - and they file away beautifully in my brand new CARD RECIPE BOX. :)

Here are some more photos of the box and the innards. I made separate tabs for cards like thank you, birthday, new baby, and etc! Each recipe will have a sketch and an example, plus the "recipe" or building instructions for the card. You can use your own papers, ideas, embelishments and whatnot to make the basic sketch your own - or make them close to the example if you like!

Card recipes will be offered here for ALL cards, CTMH or not. . . but ALL of the supplies shown today are by CTMH. By simply clicking on my Close To My Heart button to the right, or by stopping here

You can purchase those cute papers shown - they are from the Cherry-O Kit
Item Number X7123A - the kit made my whole box, the cards, and I still have a ton of stuff left over! Just $9.95 for the kit! Wow!

I also used the My Acrylix stamp set called Bowl of Cherries - it was included in the Cherry-O Workshop Kit. You will find that there are a ton of different kits and collections available depending on what your needs and price ranges are!

The recipe box itself is also available if you would like one to get it started.
It is item #Z1322 and is only $6.95 . . . You don't have to decorate it with CTMH if you don't want to, but everything you see here today is available if you do!

Please feel free to stop by my new store and check out the brand new summer catalogue and you can even play with StudioJ - the new online digital scrapbooking program by CTMH - I have tried it and it is a ton of fun just to play with and get great ideas. Plus it's a great way to see all of the neat products that you can purchase. But for me, those acrylic stamps are the best. I already see several that I have to have!!!

As a grand opening special - I will be tracking all of my sales for the month of May and no matter how large or small - I will send a bonus gift pack of stamps to one random customer. My store is open 24/7 which is also a great bonus. . .fantastic for late night browsing and idea-searching! Hey, thanks for checking it out and don't forget I am always here! Leave me questions or email me:
nancykeller at

And stay tuned for more card recipes for download - I hope to have a few new ones each week and I will make a big index of them at the bottom of my blog so that you can collect them all!

OH - If you have trouble downloading, clicking or printing the card recipes - leave me a message with your email. I will create a mailing list and mail out the card recipes every time I have new ones.


Cindy said...

Can ya see the bruises from where I have kicked myself for not thinking of the idea myself! Terrific idea....Love it....The box looks great, too....

Cindy said...

BTW - You blog looks great!

Grace said...


Awesome idea! Love your card box! I'll have to check your website out soon! congratulations!!!!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

How cute, I love the box you decorated and the recipe idea is great! Congratulations on your new adventure in stamping!

You left a comment on my blog about the air brushing and sharing. Come over and we'll play with it!

Cheryl said...

That is a terrific it...I am even thinking a recipe box (oddly) for things you can cook or even as "card" gift holders you know if you give several cards as a gift....brilliant idea any way you look at it though and such a cute box! Also your blog is the theme! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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