Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Challenges Lie Ahead

Stars and Stamps has posted another fantastic sketch challenge, and has some pretty fabulous instructions this week for tying ribobn. If you are ribbon impaired, like myself, there are some really good pointers available. . . thanks S&S!!!

Here is a copy of the sketch:

I like this one because there are so many possibilities. I love how a sketch can give you a basic idea or idea, and your mind can work from there! I am still madly cranking out the Valentines this week. I wanted to participate in this challenge, make some more Valentines, and I had some other challenges in mind too... I made two goals out of this one - to use my old supplies, and also to learn a new technique! Boy was I in for a CHALLENGE!

The patterned paper is an old one that I bought when I wanted to make an antique-looking album of sorts. The album hasn't happened yet - but I love how this paper looks for a Valentine. I chalked the edges with a creamy brown antique looking color. I layered the card with a strip of lace that I had in my fabric / ribbon stash. I layered again with another strip of pink cardstock. My ribbon goes the long way - rather than across the top strip like in the sketch. Finally, I made the rose embelishments by printing the roses on a cream colored cardstock (I did a google image search for antique roses.) I finally made use of a set of Spellbinders that was sent to me as a gift! I must say that I was scared to death of these things - and it did take some practice to get the finished result. The Spellbinders Nestablilties are templates that both cut and emboss. . . they work in most cutting machines apparently, I did mine in my Cuttlebug! I'm pleased with the results - and I do think that I will be experimenting with Spellbinders again. :)

Lessons learned this week: I am glad that I did not discard my old things - the patterned paper and the scrap piece of lace that I didn't think would be good for anything. Even if I just have a bin on hand that I store old supplies in, it is good to keep these things. You never know when you may be able to bring new life to old things that otherwise may have ended up in the trash. I am also glad that my friend sent me the Spellbinders - I have sat here staring at them for a few months now - wondering how to proceed? I am glad that I listened to the advice of other friends and gave the Spellbinders a try - they really ARE fabulous and it was fun to learn a new technique. Even if it took lots of practice and I made lots of mistakes along the way. Growing is half of the fun.


Caryl P said...

Beautiful cards, these would be great cards for Mother's Day! I love how you finally cracked open the gift of the spellbinders...I have a few new and unused supplies that I should do the same with!

Linda said...

I love these cards! They are gorgeous!