Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CDC - Christmas!

At long last - the day was here! And a happy one year anniversiary to the Card Day Club. We started meeting a year ago and wow, what a lot of fun we have had together! It was time once again for Christmas cards and so we met at Stephanie's house today. We made a lot of really fun things - but I have decided to showcase this unbelieveable card by Hanna - so much time and effort went into this one - you simply won't believe it!

Hanna wanted to make a card that looked like a sweater - and she was looking all over for patterned paper that looked like a knit pattern, and was unable to find any. She ended up enlisting the help of her mom, who ACTUALLY KNIT a piece of red . . . sweater. . . and then they photo copied it, and Hanna ran all of the patterned paper through a SEWING MACHINE to stitch the edges of the sleeves and everything! Holy over-achiever Hanna. . . :) It's amazing. We popped the edges of the sleeves up for a little dimension and we finished it off with real buttons and a tag. The inside has the cutest quote that says, "It's cold outside, but thoughts of you warm my heart." Awwwwwww!

Tiffani's holly card seen at the end of the video is also amazing - it features hand made stained glass paper behind a holly cut out - I had the thought of putting a candle behind it and using it as a decoration - it's so pretty and fun!

Everyone brought something amazing to the card-making table today. We came home with several cards, cute tags, and neat ideas for next month too. Are you ready to see the loot? Here you go. I'm sorry I forgot to bring my video camera to Stephanie's house. . . (lol, you should have seen the evil looks I got when I suggested it!) This months' video is dedicated to my sweet little Grandma Bettie who I am missing so much this holiday season. Christmas time was absolutely her favorite. She loved decorations and music - what fun she must be having enjoying them from a better place this year? :)

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Cathy said...

Thanks for your comment regarding Moe the Cat. Yes. I know about Rainbow Bridge. So sad to see so many loved ones that have passed over. =^..^=