Friday, September 5, 2014

Mini-Album Hop

Well, here's a fun thing! I've been following this page over on Facebook called Erica's Room. There are a few really great blog hops coming up and I thought this would be a fun one to join in on since I've been working on this little mini-album for a friend!

So if you've stopped here for the "My Cricut Craft Room's Mini Album Blog Hop," you're in the right place! Here is my little album:

This was my first attempt at creating a mini-album from envelopes. I used some 5x7 kraft colored envelopes to make the pages. I made the cover and many other pages from the DCWV "Playtime" stack. Some accents were made using the "Storybook" cricut cartridge. Isn't this fun for a baby girl?

The book looks a little flat at the time, I left lots of extra room for the pages to expand in the cover after the photos are added.

I made some fun interactive pages and I used anything leftover that I could find that was pink or white or frilly!

The flaps were cut off of some of the envelopes to make cute pocket pages. 

It was fun to make something glittery and girly for a change. :)

It's so hard to take still photos of a mini-album and show all of the fun interactive pages! I made a tiny video to show a little more of the album in action.

Thanks for stopping by today... If you're hopping along, the next stop is Kim's! Hope you are having a fabulous, bloghoppy weekend.



Darcy M said...

I like how envelope albums give you extra space without all the work! Thank you for sharing and for doing the hop!

April Pare said...

I love all the pink and the interactive pages in this! Gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

Great job! I love the all the pockets.

Christine VanDenBroek said...

great envelope album - I might have to try one

sue k said...

Beautiful album, wonderful colors and accents. I like the pages that fold out, very creative. Thank you for the informative videos, I might give the Cuttlebug plate idea a try, my plates are VERY warped and etched.


Mary Luttrell said...

This is such a beautiful mini album. I don't have a girl in the family I could make one like this for, but it would be cute to change it up for a boy. Love this as it is such a joy to look at. Thank you for sharing. :)

Linda H said...

I've never done an envelope mini, but yours looks so cute I may have to try it. Love the frills and glittery pages!

Penny said...

I have a lot of envelopes a friend gave me and this is such a cute idea. Thank you for sharing.

Betty Welton said...

This is beautiful.

Karen Z. said...

I really like this idea!

marg0006 said...

Impressive album. Like the tabs, cute lace and pockets.

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