Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mini Haunt

I'm not sure if I just have a new thing for making things extra tiny, or if I am trying to make myself go blind. :) Maybe both? I had a lot of fun today making this tiny tea light haunted house for Halloween.

I'm wild about LED tea lights right now, since I found a whole ton of them at the dollar store. I've been surfing Pinterest for tea light cakes, snowmen, pumpkins, and all kinds of cute things. But you know me. I like to experiment.. lol.

I made a 4 inch "House 5" from the Winter Woodland Cricut cartridge. These little houses were meant to make a little snow village, but I thought a haunted house would be fun. 4" cuts the house so small, that some of the tiniest parts couldn't be assembled. I tried. I just couldn't get those tiny rooftop windows to work, so I covered the roof with punch-border strips instead. I cut some pieces of green vellum to line the inside of the house to make spooky windows.

I wanted to add a whole bunch of more decorations, so I used the Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge to cut a fence, some ghosts, a pumpkin, the little black cat and a bat and a tree. They were all cut at 3/4" except the tree, which I cut at 3".

Assembling all of this took quite some time, as you can imagine, but I do think that it's the most fun decoration I have made out of paper. :)  These photos don't really do much to show the real size of this tiny project, so I grabbed the closest thing I could find to show for scale.

And now, with a little bit of CGI magic, the tea light effect. :)

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Amelia Andrade said...

ow Nancy! Great house! looks like so much work. Hey, wanted to thank you for following all things beautiful and thought you'd like to see my shout out post.
Thanks again and great project!

Shari Willis said...

Love it!

Cheryl Claycomb Anderegg said...

So cool, even more impressive when you put the haunted house next to your keys! Very fun! Thanks for sharing.

LauraVi said...

Love your project, beautiful house!