Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm Toast!

Please help... I'm feeling old. I've always enjoyed kids in the teen/tween stages of life. I've been hearing a new phrase though, that I'm not sure I understand. I'm sure that this must be how my parents felt, when my friends and I started saying, gnarly, radical or... totally awesome!!!

My youngest has thrown a new one at me. It goes like this: Errr merrr gerrrrd!!!I even know that it is spelled that way, because he texted it to me once. (I never texted my parents. Then again, our phones were plugged into walls, and had rotary dials.) Another version of this expression is spelled and pronounced, "Oh Emm Gee!" I figured that one out on my own, it is also OMG, Oh My Gosh - which is sort of the same as "totally awesome, dude!" NOW I get it.

A few weeks ago, our birthday bash at Stars & Stamps included a week of features from Lawn Fawn. I was instantly smitten. . . So much so that I ordered lots of their stamps and I have really been enjoying their tutorial videos too. OMG, you should totally check them out. ;)

This stamp set is one of my favorites. I just happened to trip over this paper (literally, I didn't see the display until it was too late...) at a local store last week and it matched my cute new little stamps perfectly. (Retro Kitchen, by Nicole.)

The stamp set by Lawn Fawn is "Love 'n Breakfast." Are you ready?

OMG!!! Look at this muffin!!!

OHHH EMMM GEEE!!! We go together, little salt and pepper!!!

Errr merrr gerrrrd!!!1!!1!!!!! TOAST!!!!!

(If you put ones in with your exclamation points, that means you really, really mean it!!!!1!!111!)

So now maybe you can see why I am so full of smit... I love these little stamps! Who wouldn't? I know that I will use them for lots of cards. They are quick and easy to color. And I just love that toast. Err merrr gerrrrd! Indeed! !!!!1!

For my honey...we are old, but I <3 U!


Donna Hanley said...

OMG These are all so precious. It's easy to see why your are smitten. That "stud muffin" really had me laughing. All of your papers, embossing and embellishments are so sweet. Every generation has it problems figuring out what their children are trying to say. I know I did as did my parents. It's a hoot.

Jen said...

These are adorable, nancy! Love the stud muffin!

JoAnn Ross said...

OMG! You made me LOL!!! ( I think I scared the dogs lying beneath my desk!!) I've been looking at those Lawn Fawn ones for some time, but have been putting off ordering them, telling myself that I should use all the stamps I already have before getting more. (Like that's going to happen.)

Seriously, the cards are darling and the details you put into them are wondeful! I <3 them a bunch and you're really going to make someone's day when they open the envelope and pull out one of those!

Renee said...

these are all so cute!

Donna Nuce said...

Really cute cards and very unique!

Marilyn's Cricut Crafts said...

All the stamps are adorable. But I really love the way you layout your cards!

Carol L said...

Your cards are incredibly cute and I love all those whimsical, adorable images!
As for the text message - modern technology has bypassed me for a looong time! You need some of the neighborhood elementary school kids to help you out :)

Marlene Diefendorf said...

OMG! I really LOL so TFS!!!

Really, these are the absolute cutest cards ever! I really like the stamps you chose and how you paired them with the papers. Someone is going to love these.

Lee Mae said...

Errr merrr gerrrrd!!! I love, love your cards! I couldn't stop laughing at your post. Fabulous! I am totally obsessed with the stud muffin!!

Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

I totally agree -
Errr merrr gerrrrd!!!

that is a cute set - I may have to invest in it - we all know I don't have enough stamps.

thanks for sharing

Barb Housner