Sunday, April 29, 2012


I'm very sad to say, that the month of April seems to have completely run away from me. Things have been very busy with the family and with work and such. But, happy day, I have summarized all of April into one fun post!

I got to work on a new red rubber stamp by Stamper's Best for Operation Write Home. Some day, I will get cards made out of these cute puppies too! Coloring stamps, at the end of a long day, was complete stress relief and a true life-saver for me this month.

My co-worker took this random photo of me at work... I was actually just trying to pay a bill on my lunch break, but had to call in and acknowledge receipt of my new debit card, and the automated computer system was giving me a migraine. Here, you can see my technique of rolling the "remove this sticker after calling the 1-800 number blah blah blah" sticker into a tiny mass that had my co-worker making jokes about subconscious joint-rolling in the work place. How inappropriate! Do I look that stressed out?

Massive card failure... I went to the cutest wedding for these two great kids who had a racing-themed reception. How smart I thought I was, for making this racing card with their wedding colors... Until the boys of the house pointed out to me that the START of the race is signified by the GREEN flags, and the checkered flags are for the FINISH. Lame.

Alexander and I took a day off and went to see the T-Rex named Sue. Awesome!

Got some new Close To My Heart stamps including this very masculine set that will be perfect for making manly man cards for the troops just in time for Fathers Day.

I embarked on a new project for some good friends who needed wedding announcements made. I was able to design these lovely announcements with their engagement photos using Paint Shop...they are both having them printed this week and I can't wait to see the finished results. Congrats, you crazy kids!!!

My friend Sgt. Moss and his comrades were the recipients of a box of OWH cards in Afghanistan this month... Making sure that guys like this have beautiful cards to send home to their beautiful families is what I live and love to do. That being said, I am off to go back to work. But first...

I have a hot date with my hubby in the morning that includes some gasoline, my ride (The Waaambulance) and a whole lot of mud. Woot!

Please don't give up on me, I will be back to my regularly scheduled projects ASAP.

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