Monday, March 12, 2012

Moneysaver Monday - Sentiments

One of the things that I struggled with initially when making cards was my complete lack of sentiments for cards. I have since purchased several beautiful sentiment stamp sets over time. . . but in the beginning they were frustrating to find, expensive to purchase and difficult to come by. Here's a solution that I have used many times that I also love sharing at card-making parties. ANYONE can do this:

Scroll down for yesterday's cards done based on OWH sketch #112. I used a few of these dollar-bin sentiment stamps by Studio G. To get them to stamp in different, coordinating colors to match my cards, I colored on the stamps first with Crayola Markers. See... how I used the teal and orange markers to stamp the cute sentiment above? One dollar per sentiment, plus the price of a package of markers (or steal them from your kids...) can be an affordable alternatve to stamping sentiments, especially for some that you won't use very often. This is another good reason to keep an eye on that dollar bin. :) Keep scrolling down, to yesterday's post, for more examples. Thank you for stopping by!
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Operation Write Home said...

Kris is trying to send you the faux leather tutorial writeup - and I was trying to get you the photos too. Our emails to you keep bouncing....server troubles?

Operation Write Home said...

(I had her try sending to your OWH address, maybe that'll go through.)