Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Operation Write Home!

OWH is celebrating with a huge birthday bash this month! Have you made any cards for the troops lately? You won't want to miss the festivities over at Stars & Stamps . . . challenges galore, prizes, and tons of fun with your fellow card makers.

Here are my birthday challenge card entries - I decided to save them all in one post - I can't even say how much fun I have had (trying to) participate in all of the blog challenges - I know that I still have a few to catch up with - but those will come soon. I am waiting on a big package from Close to My Heart with a stash of goodies that I want to use for some of those final challenges!

Here are the cards! Boy, my poor little OWH stamp has really had a workout today!

All cards finished today!

This one is my favorite! I participated in the sketch challenge here.
I used my new Dustin Pike digi and my new "Hooligans" paper by Close To My Heart. That Hooligans paper just cracks me up. . . look at the black patterned paper. . . hahahahaha! What a real brew ha ha ha. Ha ha!

Here's one from a sketch challenge at The Sweetest Thing.
I do think that I love sketch challenges the very best! This is the new autumn paper by Close To My Heart called "Olivia"

The object of this challenge was to follow the sketch and make a pink birthday card! More CTMH scraps were used hereincluding that pink patterned paper and the birthday stamp. I tried to use as many scraps as possible today and now dip into my "new" stash.

The Hero Blog is hosting a hero card challenge - The digi stamp shown here is by OWH's finest - Sandy Allnock. I do love this digi for making hero cards! THIS is the reason to participate in the OWH blog hops - you get awesome digi stamps like these!

Next I was off to CASE  (copy and share everything) One of Martie's cards . I love the stripey one. I used up a scrap of some patterned paper by My Mind's Eye and another one of my new Dustin Pike Digi's. I hate spiders. Truly. But this little guy is just too cute. :)  

Let's make an autumn thank you card. . .  Here is more of the Olivia paper and a stamp set called Fair Blossoms from Close To My Heart.

A child's birthday card for Stamps R Us. . . do you know how many deployed troops have kids at home? I hope that this will make some little army brat's day. :) Who doesn't love Buzz?

Yolanda made us a new digi . . . did you snag it? I just love this kid!

WHO would pass up the opportunity to make cards with googlie eyes??? Googlies are one of my very favorite things. I use them on this digi by Dustin. . . and there is some more of that fantastic Hooligans' paper from Close To My Heart. Don't these things go great together??!?

Sherry  also made us a new digi for celebrating birthdays! I love this little chef! I think that the best thing about him is his little chucks. And the cake of course. :)

Finally, I took the Case one of Kate's Cards challenge, whoo, what a tough one! I do love that chevron cut though. I forgot I made a template for those. :) Here is the last of my scraps of  CTMH Olivia paper. I love those fall colors!

Wow! That is a lot of cards. . . but I still have a few more to post later on. . . did I mention that this birthday bash is HUGE??? Thanks guys for all of the fun. . . I am trying very hard to surf around and hit all of the blogs and leave my links and my comment posts. . . I don't want to miss any of them . . . I love you all!

Here's another for the Christmas card challenges. . . My package came in the mail today. . . I got the Mistletoe paper pack and two new stamp sets - St. Nick and Peace on Earth. . . look for more from these sets soon. . . I think I am in love!

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SaDeBuque said...

you have been busy lady!!!!!! i def cant even pick a fave, i just love them all! CTMH is one of my all-time favorite scrapbooking companies and you make them proud im sure by showing off all of these beautiful cards!!!! way to go! thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful cards with us at OWH!!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Wow Nancy! These cards are fabulous! Every single one of them!

Laura said...

Nancy you have been very busy!Thanks for joining us at stamps r us blog this week.Your right who doesn't like Buzz light year.

Betty Benton said...

Wow, girl, you have been a card making machine today!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and becoming a follower. I'm returning the favor and look forward to seeing the rest of those cards you have to post!!

jimlynn said...

You've been VERY busy! ALL of them are just fantastic.

Redonna said...

So many nice cards! Some day I hope to be as productive as you!

Cindy said...

Beautiful...just beautiful. I can't believe how many cards you got done. As always, they are wonderful.

jayne said...

Your cards are great - you were busy! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I usually list the supplies I use for my card - the green pp I used was very old Daisy D's paper.

Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

fabulous cards Nancy, I am glad you had a good time, have a sweet week!

enjoy *~*

Operation Write Home said...

Wow! You've been BUSY! I love them all but stopped for a giggle at the oversized GOOGLIES! I {heart} me some googlies ;)

Our Little Inspirations said...

You're amazing!! Just look at all these beautiful cards you made to meet challenges! You rock!!

Cheryl said...

OMG you are one busy lady! All of your cards are so awesome but I absolutely LOVE the hooligans and the little dustin pike with googly eyes >just adorable, love the way u made one googly eye bigger as though hes popping off the card and finally LOVE your halloween blog!!!

Yolanda said...

Lots of great cards here, Nancy. Glad you enjoyed my digi. The wiggle eye card is a hoot!

Cheryl said...

Wow, wow, wow! What a fabulous collection of cards. (I love the googley eye one!)

Thank you for joining us for the Sentimental Sundays challenge to create Christmas cards for OWH. I hope you will join us for our new challenge on Sunday.


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