Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh my gosh, not a card. :D

As  I dug into my "Moments" scrapbooking kit from ETM last week, I was searching for inspiration to make some more cards but *gasp*  did it really happen? I was all carded out! Actually I think that it was the adorable paper inside that got me going. Kim picked out the cutest combinations of patterned papers by Fancy Pants Designs and they reminded me SO much of a fun time that I spent with my family back east about this time last year.

I do have one scrapbook that I am making that does not have page covers. I did this on purpose, so that I could fill the entire book with fun, dimensional, interactive scrapbook pages. Half of the fun of paper vs. digi scrapbooking to me is getting to touch and feel all of the fun embelishments that go onto the page. So here is a fun flippy interactive scrapbook page - maybe you guys can take a few ideas from it and try something new!

I used the cute colorful dotted paper to make a page about the day that I took AJ and my adorable niece Abby and nephew Spencer to Chuck E. Cheese. We don't have a Chuck E. Cheese around here so it was a special treat. . . I'm sure that Abby and Spencer probably get to go a lot, but it was fun for me albeit different than the memories that I have of Chuckies from when I was a kid. :D  Back then, the animatronic animal shows and the people dressed up in the mouse suit were the main attraction. . they had a few new-fangled ATARI arcade games and some carnival style games too. I'm pretty sure that the pizza tasted a lot better back then, or maybe as a kid, you don't really care.  .  . anyway. . . page! . . . at first glance this is a 12x12 page with a title and two photos, but guess what. . . there is a suprise!

The photos are actually on mats that flip up to show even more photos and some hidden journaling. I do love journaling on my scrapbook pages. . . but sometimes it is fun to hide it somewhere. Look how much fun it is to flip up this photo and find even more stuff underneath. If you are trying this for yourself, just cut your mats of cardstock according to the size of the photos and journaling tags that you want to use. If you look closely, you will notice that I did reinforce the mats to the page with brads. This is because the photo flippy mats do get kind of heavy with all of the embelishments on them. There is little red-headed Spencer. Isn't he cute?

Attach longer photos and longer journaling tags or cards to longer mats. :) Don't be afraid to add more layers of patterned paper and embelishments like rub ons, punches, die cuts, or cute border strips. On this page, both of my mats flip up. . . but you could make mats that flip to the side, circle mats that swivel, or anything that you can dream up.

Finally, I like to add some kind of element to my page that makes the whole "working part" of the page seem a little more obvious. . . something that says, there is something to do here! I added a cute star punch to both of my mats, along with a strip of ribbon and a big brad. They really stand out and draw attention to the fact that the mats can be lifed for more things inside.

So that is all for what seems like my first actual SCRAPBOOKING post in ages. . . I do forsee calmer waters in the future and time for me to do things like this more often. . . which will be nice, because I sure had fun. :)  Thanks for stopping by!


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