Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day!

It's flag day! I am carding in the wee hours trying to get my flag card done for an OWH challenge. . . what luck. . . Dustin Pike has offered this so-very-cute marching patriotic dragon digi for the 4th of July - hurry and snag it! I love him. :)

But let me side-track for a moment - I had my charge nurse snap this photo while I was working over Memorial Day weekend - this is one of the most special fellas you will ever meet.  This is Jim - a hero of a great many things. Aside from three tours in Vietnam and also to Iraq - Jim is now the captain of the color guard for the state of Idaho. I think that's pretty awesome. When he is not doing his color guard duty - he works housekeeping in the hospital where I work. Night shifts - I am proud to call Jim a friend of many years - he has been there for as long as I can remember and he is just fantastic. He is quiet and unassuming most of the time, but will tell you about his purple hearts if you ask. Here he is bringing us candy and selling poppies for the DVA.

Where was I. Flag card! Here he is - marching along - and what makes the best sentiment for this card? I couldn't think of anything better than using the stamp that usually goes on the BACK of the card for this one. Hooray! Happy Flag Day - and stay tuned for some of Jim's Flag Trivia - he brought this to use for Memorial Day. How awesome is that?

Flag Trivia:

  • How many folds are in a folded flag?

  • What does the "V" shape of a folded flag stand for?

  • What are the meanings of the red, white and blue?

Answers:  There are 13 and 1/4 folds
The "V" shape stands for Victory
Red is for sacrifice, White is for purity, and Blue is for the Battlefield.

Edit - June 23 - without making a new post, I am adding this little gal to the post for another S&S challenge, because. . . she fits right in, don't you think?


Sandy said...

Great job! Dustin gave us such a cute image, didn't he! I had to use it too.

And LOL it's midnight PST, you didn't have to panic quite so much!

Cheryl said...

Oh that image is too cute-I didn't know Dustin had some new freebies, Thanks for your card...ive still got to try the jeans one from bloghop -I printed the recipe -too cool!

Karen said...

Oh my goodness, Nancy...that card is so stinkin' cute! Absolutely adorable! :))

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Oh Nancy, she's cute! You did a wonderful job!! Thanks for playing along with us at OWH this week ;)

ThePurplePlace said...

You card is wonderful! I thank you for taking the time to stop my my blog and look forward to seeing you more often over at OWL Blog.

I love how we all used the same image, but ALL made such fun and different cards!!


PaulaM said...

I love the way you colored the image of the girl and your card is put together perfectly. TFS

Sharanda said...

This is very cute!! Love it! Thank you for the info for Dustin...I became a follower.

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