Friday, October 16, 2009

A lot has happened since last I stopped by blogland. I have decided that I need something more mobile for posting with while I am travelling. I recently got to spend some time with my grandfolks in Albuquerque again. I do love getting to see them, even if it is not under the best of circumstances. . .

While in Albuquerque I did pick up some new idea books for card making. One thing that I noticed is the use of a term that is new to me. Paper Engineering. I am terribly excited about this! Paper Engineering. It has such a nice ring to it, don't you think? It sounds so much more important than "scrapping" or "crafting" or "oh, you're working on that stuff again??" Yes, honey, I am a paper engineer now. It sounds so stately! So formal! And so like there should be a big paycheck attached to it. HA!!! Well, we can all dream can't we? :)

Another thing I am terribly excited about is the October Expressions Kit from ETM. Oh, and there is a crop weekend coming up too. . . YAAY! At any rate, I got those cards made from my October kit and I couldn't wait to showcase some of my new learned engineering techniques.
So here you go. If I get requests for such, I will make tutorials. Or perhaps I should call them blueprints? :)


Kim Rose said...

HOLY COW! Nancy!!! Amazing!
You are sending these for me to post right?
GREAT JOB! Love the video!!!

I am going to post a link in the
ETM email this weekend. :)

Julie said...

Nancy these are awsome!!!! You are so stinking talented!!! Im glad that even though the trip to the grandparents was not exactly one of pleasure ya had a good time! TFS Hugs

Windy Robinson said...

Love the window card... it is awesome:)