Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!

Hello everyone! It's time for the Memorial Day Bloghop for Operation Write Home! It's hard to believe that it has been almost a year that I have been involved with making cards for our troops. What an amazing time I have had - so many new friendships made - so much inspiration gathered - so much sharing to be done - I love it all!

Thanks for stopping by on your blog-hopping journey and if you are not part of the hop - you will love this! You can begin here at stop #1! If you came here from Bekah Jo's World you are on the right path! You have now arrived at Scrap Happens! Where things may be a little off the beaten path. Maybe a little outside the box! I hope you enjoy your stop. Please follow me if you like and stop by now and again - I do feature lots of card ideas and even have my own YouTube channel with video tutorials and other fun stuff to share!

And now, on with the show! Some of you may recognize this card from a previous Stars & Stamps sketch challenge that I was able to participate in - I love the sketch challenges!

I have decided to share another similar card for the bloghop with a few directions on how to make these red white and blue denim greetings! I was inspired to make these cards for the troops because of a letter that I saw from a hero saying how they missed the simple comforts of home - good food, their bed, a favorite pair of jeans. I have been hoarding this blue denim paper for a long time and this seemed like a good time to use it! I would hope that the look of a favorite pair of jeans would bring a smile to the face of a deployed hero! What do you think? And that pocket is functional - perfect for a photo or even an extra love note tucked inside.

Here are a few tips for making these jeans-style cards! Take a good look at a pair of real jeans. Their edges are not dark - they are lighter in color from being washed and worn. So I distressed the edges of the paper with a light blue and a white colored chalk. I cut out separate pieces for the hem, the belt loop and the pocket. I stitched each piece down to a dark blue cardstock base using some gold floss that matched the stitching on the pants I was inspired by. I'm sure that someone with a good sewing machine and know-how could really do a bang-up job of this - I did mine with a stitching template and stitched it all down by hand. The brown tag was made FIRST by cutting out a small piece of tan colored card stock. I got it wet by spritzing it with a little water and crumpling it to mimic how a tag looks after going through the wash a few hundred times. :) Another spritz and crumple - and then I pressed it flat to dry. Note - you should not try to stitch the tag down until it is good and dry - a damp tag will just tear! I stamped the sentiment on it also, after drying. That is a cute little Close To My Heart stamp, by the by. :) The little red tag is a small piece of red cardstock that I cut and folded in half along the left edge. The red tag was stitched down along the edge of the pocket and I used a white gel pen to add the lettering. The pocket was left open at the top edge.

Here is a card recipe for those of you playing along with the card recipe project!
(for more card recipes, read back on my blog!)
Just click for the bigger image, right click and print for your files!

Now then - I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by for the bloghop - and to our heroes for keeping us safe here at home and for upholding the freedoms that we enjoy so much every day! To add a little more goodness to this day - I am also offering a - HUGE BLOG CANDY - I will be drawing a winner to recieve a card kit from Express the Moment just for entering. These monthly card kits are awesome - and I always post lots of examples of what you can do with them! Here is a photo of the kit you will recieve. . . thanks Kim for sponsoring the OWH bloghop candy of awesomeness! Kim says to hop over to her blog, Momemts that Matter Most. . . for even more chances to win!!!

To enter: You must be a participant of the blog hop too. (Not just a reader - your blog must also be on the hop.) Please leave a comment to this post and tell me what YOU would miss most about being so far from the comforts of home. Make sure that your comment has some kind of link back to your blog so that I can contact you later.

Thanks so much for stopping by - please come back again and enjoy some video tuts and card ideas - Scrap Happens here! Huge hugs!


On with the hop! Your next stop is over to Donna's  at

Do you like my blog hop banner? You can take it for future blog hops if you like. :) I love to share!


Rhonda Miller said...

Those cards are great. I love the pocket. Thanks for the how to info and recipe. TFS.

Kimberley Martini-Young said...

I just love the Jeans card. I started to think you used a real pair of jeans. I am sure a Hero will love this card.

helloholley said...

I love this really does look like jeans,great job!!! Your blog is awesome and thanks for the tutorial on how to make this card...I will definately give it a go sometime!!!
Thanks for the chance to win some candy!!!
Here's a link to my blog :

Tink said...

Love your card! Wgat a GREAT idea!! I am in the hop also.. here..

Anonymous said...

I love the jeans card. Very cute. Thank you for the card recipes! They rock when the creative juices are stuck. Have a fantastic weekend! Robin robinski6 at yahoo dot com

Shell said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pocket card and the "loveu" tag instead of "LEVI" so fabulous!
My brothers have both served in Iraq and the thing that they said they missed the most was clean sheets.

Shell said...

color me a quick click...

Kate said...

Love the blog hop banner, and I really love this csrd! I would miss air conditioning. OMG I cannot imagine what 130 degrees feels like, as much as I hate summer in Louisiana!

I always love your tutorials. I hope you will do a tutorial for the S&S blog soon.

Operation Write Home said...

Love the denim pocket card! I think I have some denim paper but am not sure I'm patient enough to sew like you did - WOW, girl!

And lets see what I miss when I'm away from critters! And my bed. Never can seem to sleep well away from home!

Happy hopping Nancy!

Lindsey said...

It's the little things, like your 'love you' levi red tag that make a card extra special.

I'd imagine being away from home would be a cleansing experience, to get rid of all worldly possessions and just go with God. Heavy, I know! But other than my family, I have a feeling that I'd miss my pillow. =)

Lindsey said...

p.s. I love that your blog is decorated this weekend!!

Lindsey @ ScrapStreet

Cathy... said...

Love your card! That little 'loveu' tag is adorable. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Here's my bloghop post:

When I was a soldier, the thing I missed most while deployed was a HOT shower in my OWN bathroom where I could take as long as I liked and it was CLEAN. It was always the first thing I did when I returned home! Ah....the little things you take for granted.

Erika said...

Great card and thanks for the tips on it - I love that one! Now I'm going to be on the look out for some great denim looking papers!

As far as what I'd miss most - waking up to the sounds of my daughter in her room. I'm a SAHM and being away from her would just about kill me. My hubby (who is deployed right now) is missing good food - the food they're getting at the base he's at right now is making everyone sick....I just wish I could go see him and cook him a good home cooked meal.

Anyway - thanks for the chance to win - and for sharing your creativity to help bring families closer who are separated by duty.

Melanie Montes de Oca said...

What a clever and adorable card! LOVE it! I second the hot showers! Would also miss my craft room immensely!

Kim said...

I love your denim cards! They are cute. Being far away from home I would miss my kids and my bed. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed.
Here's my blog hop link:

Vera W. Yates (Ling) said...

That's such a cool card!

PaulaM said...

What a fun blog. I like all the patriotic colors. If I was far from home - I would miss my children and husband, they are most precious to me - making me smile everday.
Paula -

Paula said...

I just love the denim cards, thanks for giving details on just how you did it. There is always so much cool stuff to check out on your blog, I check in often, keep up the great work Nancy!

Martha said...

Such a clever denim card! I love the special touches. Thanks for sharing the How To-s!

Anita said...

Wow! What an awesome idea!

Rufus said...

GREAT card! I don't qualify for your candy, since I'm blogless. Just wanted you to know how much I liked your card. My hubby calls me his denim girl! Thanks for your support of our Hero's and of OWH!

Butterballfeather said...

This is such a cute card! You did a great job!


Karen said...

Fantastic card! Got to try to make the jeans card...wonderful! thanks for the chance at your wonderful candy!

maddenmom at gmail dot com

Melanie Holzwarth said...

Hello from Scrappily Ever After Blog. Wonderful work! And a great blog too.

Debby said...

thanks for the tips on the jean card...very cool. I'm participating in the blog hop. I'm Debby from Debby's Dare!!

Lori said...

Ilove,love,love this card. I wish I had the paper.


Just love your very unique cards!! Thanks for the info sheet to make it! I would miss knowing if my family is safe and okay. I'd be praying for them everyday which is something I do now anyways. Thank you for the inspiration!

jackielwatson said...

I just loved your card it really looks like a pair of blue jeans. What I would miss is if I was away, probably be anything chocolate, and walking in the park.
jackie, http://jackielwatson.blogspot

jackielwatson said...

oops forgot the .com

Dawn said...

You changed your header. Great card. I won your blog candy last hop. (u sent it to my ma, thank you) So, please don't enter me again!

Your blog looks great!

Lelia Pierce said...

Great card! I love the 2nd one...looks just like my Levi's! :O) I'm sure I would miss my family and puppy the most if I were away from home like our HEROES are.


PocketsOfInspiration said...

What a cute idea! Happy blog hopping.

Dixie Cochran said...

Denim...LOVE it!! Thanks for the terrific post! Your tips are helpful! Many thanks for making cards for our heroes!

rstuck2003 said...

I LOVE the jean look...thank you for sharing

Yolanda said...

The LoveU tag is fantastic!

Marianne said...

You did a wonderful card. I am so glad you shared it with us.

debb said...

Love love love your card- thanks for the details and instructions! I would so miss my family and ice cream if I were far away from my comforts.

Cut n Paste said...

Love your card!!! And thanks for the instructions for the jean pocket!!!

Trevorstuffmammas said...

Great non gender specific card....thanks for the idea.....Jennifer

Lynn said...

Wow, what a card! Thanks for the instructions! I would miss my artsy stuff as it helps keep me peaceful and centered.

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Your jeans card is so cute! I'm glad I have the old SU Just Jeans background stamp, I'd love to try making your card using that.

Thanks for a chance at blog candy, I'm hopping, been hopping since early this morning and will probably still be hopping tomorrow! 148 entries when I last looked, whew!

Robin said...

what a cute idea with the jeans

Kajikit said...

You did all that stitching by hand? Now that's what I call patience! What would I miss if I was far from home? My cats of course! And my husband...

Hi, I'm Brenda. . . . . . . . . . . said...

Great card! Love your little tutorial on how to make the denim look more real, and about the tags.

What would I miss most? Having been overseas myself for 3 years away from home, it would be the day to day conversations and hugs, definitely hugs. As far as being in a war zone or close to one -- CHOCOLATE, lol.

brenda h at

Seongsook Duncan said...

Nancy, what a great job done! Thanks for sharing your creation. Love your card. I wish I could come back more often.

Since I have been far away from my family and friends back in Korea although I am happy and safe here, I miss them and time to share good old memories in KOREAN.

JPScraps said...

The denim cards is awesome!

Erica said...

Love the jeans card. AMAZING!!

I am on the hop at

Grammykrob said...

I always enjoy the bloghops on OWH. It is a wonderful group and I enjoy being a part of it. Thank you for your part in the group.

Pass It On

Christine said...

your card is great and thanks for the recipe card instructions - i can't cook without a recipe... LOL
when i was overseas with the Navy in the late 80s i missed current music (there was no iTunes back then) years after my return I would hear songs and think they were new only to find out they were from when i was gone...

Cindy said...

Nancy - what a great post and what a creative wonderful card! You are sooooo cleaver! I am so glad that we "hopped" into each other. What would I miss??? my kitten.... :o)

Meg Bean said...

I love the "love u" tag on your card. Such a cute detail.

I would miss seeing my family and our home grown veggies! Here's my stop along the hop at

Cindi (aka iring) said...

Your denim card looks really authentic. Love the little red tag! Your stitching is nice and neat.

Carisa said...

too cute!

Renee said...

Love the denim card. I am definately going to try that.

Susan said...

I am #78 on the list. I love making cards for these courageous people!

I would miss(besides my loved ones) my kitties!! (then next my craft stuff)

Great card! you always do such neat stuff, and I have always loved your blog's subtitle!

I hope I win, but will wish everyone else good luck!

Be well,

Cheryl said...

Great cards! I love the jeans - great idea. They look real.

Diane S said...

I love the jeans card. I collect cards for Operation:Quiet Comfort. One of our main projects is a quilt made out of old blue jeans. The jeans are cut into squares and each square is signed with a personal message. The quilt is then sent to a wounded service member overseas.

Cheryl said...

When I was married to my first husband and we lived on army base in Germany in the early nineties we always missed the restaurants back seems like a simple thing but when there's not a Kentucky fried chicken on every corner you start craving'm sure they have all of it now though. Now I have to say I LOVE your idea and card and I even have that very same paper and I wasn't really using it because it really doesn't have much of a presence by itself but it never even occurred to me to make jeans & pocket but these came out so good...even the distressing is so cute and to think you can put any note in that pocket >AWESOME tutorial!!

Stampin_melissa said...

Wow, fantastic card! Looks so real! As for what I'd miss, when we were stationed in Germany I missed being able to use my credit card at the pump, we always had to go inside to pay and when you have a sleeping baby it is a real pain! Also, missed the drive through (thinking sleeping baby again!) One the deployed side, I would miss hanging out with my family, you know just snuggling on the couch watching a movie! My DH is deployed right now and there's so many little things to miss with him!

Thanks for your participation in the hop! And the wonderful tutorial! BTW, my blog is #75.

Courtney said...

Nancy...these cards are AWESOME!!! Very inspiring...I really want to try my hand at these!

In answer to your question, I think I would miss my kids the most. But I will share a little story with you...Fall is my husbands favorite season, he loves it when the leaves fall from the trees,, during his last deployment I boxed up a bunch of leaves and off they went to Iraq. Needless to say he was surprised and absolutely loved it! He said that he scattered them on his desk and they stayed there for a long time! Thank you for supporting our troops, it means so much. God bless!


3momph4755 said...

The denim card is awesome!!! What a great reminder of home. I love the idea of putting a note in the pocket.I love the idea of your recipe cards too and the different card kits. How generous to be offering one of them as blog candy.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Great cards- fun idea with the jean pocket! When I am away, it is the simple things I miss...mostly sleeping in my own bed!!! Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Caryl P said...

Wow, this card is amazing! Thanks so much for the tips and directions too. I really thought you attached some jeans to a card, so cool.
As for what I'd miss, just being able to hug my loved ones whenever I want...and the cat!

Toni said...

Oh WOW thank you for the cool tutorial for the denim cards. I will definitely be trying that one.

On another note if I were to be that far away from home, I would miss the simple things, the TV the internet, my doggies and of course my hubby. I would definitely miss my trips to starbucks too ;)

Julie said...

Love that denim look! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

What a cool card!! It would go very well with the faux tooled cowboy boots on my blog for the hop!! Great minds think alike!!

K. Joy said...

Wow, what a creative card!! I'm sure that a home sick soldier will get a good smile out of this!! Thanks for the inspiration! It is hard to say what I would miss the most if I were so far away... For sure my dear family and little dog. :) Probably my own bed, too!! Thanks for the chance at the candy! (You should be able to get to my blog by clicking on my name.)

Shirley said...

Is there anything more American than Levis jeans. What a great card and I really am looking forward to making these for a future card project for OWH. Thanks for being a member of this great hop.

Virginia D. said...

Love, love, LOVE all your cards! I'll have to come back or I'll never finish hopping! Your OWH hop card is ridiculously cute! Can't wait take a look at those tutorials, too.
I would miss my Hubby and 2 boys terribly if I ever HAD to be away from them. I don't know how all the military families do it. God bless them all!
*Oh-I'm #92 on the hop!

Dawn Burnworth said...

Your pocket card is amazing.. I love it.. You did a great job on this. I think I would miss my kids and hubby the most.. I hate even taking a vacation or any type of trip without them.. Great job on this tutorial.. I will be trying this for sure.

MidnightCrafter said...

Love that card, gonna CASE it for sure. :-)
I think that I what I would miss most, besides the family dinners, silly saturday mornings, bath-time antics of the kids, quiet TV time with the hubby, coffe with friends, and 1000 other little things we take for granted everyday, I would miss the good night hugs and kisses of my family. To feel their warmth in a hug. Theres ways to send pictures, and hear them talk on the phone, but with all the great technology they havent figured out how to send a Hug.
Great post, thanks for sharing!

Merry's Musings said...

so delightful! Very very creative, this turned out so nice. Love it lots.

Heather Grow said...

Love the jean card. All that sewing must have been done with love.

cal8007 said...

Wow! At first I thought it was real denim, then I read further and saw that was paper. The stitching is what made that card look so real!!

TFS I downloaded the recipe for future use :)

Carmen L
cal8007 at aol dot com

christy sheffield said...

Cute cards! Love that you used denim. I would definitely miss my family the most!

Tammy said...

Awesome card Nancy!! I love your faux jean cards!! Too cool! besides my hubby or my JRT doggie...I miss MY bed!! I can't get a good nights sleep without it!!

Suz said...

Love that jeans card very cool I'll be trying one soon. I'd miss my family & pets. I'm a stop on OWH hop too

Pat Q said...

That is a terrific card, especially for guys and gals who love their blue jeans. They will definitely be drawn to that one.

Pamela said...

Love your cards!!! Great job! :)

Betty said...

LOVE the card and thanks for the recipe! It was nice to have you stop over at my 'place' :)

Melissa Elsner said...

Hi Karen!! You are the winner of my blog hop prize!! Email me! melissaelsner {at} gmail {dot} com with your shipping info. :) CONGRATS!

Melissa Elsner said...

Uh... or Nancy. Have no idea why I said 'Karen'. I could delete my last comment but I'll leave it just for your entertainment. LOL!!

Bev E said...

Great card. At 1st I though you used real material. Thanks for the directions I may give it a try cuz its so cute.

Ola said...

Your card is so adorable!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Memorial Day!
God Bless our Soldiers & their families!

okj83 at live dot com

Courtney K said...

what a creative card - love it!!

grandmalee said...

You definately did another bang-up job on this card! I just love your work & this tutorial really rocks!

When my daughter was in Iraq, she said the thing that she missed most was daily showers. I can't image being in 120+ heat with their full 60 pounds of gear and not being able to wash all of that stinky sweat off before you went to bed! The food & water would definately be another biggy for me. She said you get used to some of their strange foods there, but she's always liked trying new stuff...not me! Thanks for the offer of this blog candy! Come check out my blog too:

Amy Schultz said...

Hi! Love, love, love your card! You can take a look at mine here -
One of the comforts of home that I would miss most would be my stamping supplies! I know that sounds silly but my husband and I travel every week for his work, and my stamping supplies always have to come with us! My laptop was forgotten one week and it was one of the toughest weeks for me - so my laptop would be a close second! Of course, I would also miss my husband (if he couldn't come with me), my children, my identical twin grandsons (now just 7 months old), my Bible (would need to be moved closer to the top of the list), etc., etc., etc. I guess the answer to your question would be - I'd miss everything! I love being home!
Thanks so much for your cards and for your dedication!

Purple Princess said...

Love your cards!!!

About : sbartist said...

Love the card - right down to the "LoveU" levis tag!!! You're blog is awesome, so patriotic & the blinkie banner is great. Thanks for all you do for OWH & supporting the men in women in the armed forces.
: ) Susan [], fellow hopper contributing 3 stops on the hop

ML Design Works said...

Wonderful ideas! The jean card is fantastic! Just right for summer! Thanks for the candy opportunity, too! Lisa

ML Design Works said...

Oops! I forgot to say, what would I miss? Well, just being able to be indoors and out of the sun, weather and away from the wind and bugs. And of course my family! TFS!

Sherrie said...

What a clever card! I LOVE it!! I also have some denim paper that needs to be used. TFS and inspiring!

Angie said...

Super cute card! Thanks for the tut to make it:)

Jennifer Moore said...

What a cool card. I think I would miss my bed. Sleeping on different beds just isn't the same as my bed. Of course, I would miss the snuggle time with my hubby even more.

Shelley said...

i love your denim card! thanks for sharing

Jana said...

These cards are great. I had to read to make sure they were paper. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am just like everyone else and totally blown away by your jeans card. That is the coolest thing ever!

P.S. I would miss my daughter if I were away from home. She is the love of my life.


Net said...

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Sharanda said...

OK, first of all I really did LOL at your blog subtitle!! Secondly...What a great card! It really does look like denim. TFS! :)

Anonymous said...

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